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The process of transforming your landscape begins with a creative design solution tailored to your site, followed by expert installation of hardscaping and plants that make that design come alive.


There are five steps in the design process:


Initial Meeting: I will meet with you to take a look at your site and discuss your needs and preferences.  What do you dislike?  Do you want more privacy from your neighbors?  Do you have small children, pets?  Do you entertain outside often?  What’s your budget for the project?  How much time are you willing to devote to maintaining your garden space?


Wehrley Back Yard.jpg
Spring 2013 Construction 001.jpg

Once I have received a signed installation contract and a deposit of 50% for whatever portion of the work we have agreed to, the installation phase begins.  I schedule your installation, hand-select your plants from local nurseries, and supervise the installation process itself.   The installation crew I use is experienced in all facets of landscape construction, including:

  • expert plant installation

  • meticulously prepared and laid paver patios and walkways

  • durable, attractive retaining walls and knee walls

  • skilled grading and drainage

002 - Copy.JPG

Want to see more pictures? 

Preliminary Drawing: Once I receive from you a copy of your most recent plat of survey, I will prepare a preliminary drawing to scale that takes into account the needs and preferences we discussed plus any existing plant material or hardscapes, drainage issues, sun/shade requirements, traffic patterns, soil composition, elevation changes or any other site conditions that would affect the design.

Second Meeting: After the preliminary drawing is completed, I will schedule a follow-up meeting to review it with you.  I will explain the design concepts, show you pictures of the suggested plants and hardscape materials, if any, and get your feedback.  What do you like about the design?  What appeals to you the least?  Does the plan satisfy the needs and preferences you had originally expressed?

Final Rendering: Taking into account any revisions based on your feedback, I then prepare a final drawing.  This rendering is done to scale, hand-colored and labeled with the names and locations for all new, existing and transplanted plant material as well as any hardscaping such as patios, walkways, retaining/seat walls, etc.  I also prepare maintenance instructions by season for all the plants being added so you will know how to take care of your new garden.  Finally, I prepare a cost breakout for installation so you have an estimate of how much it will cost to install the plan before the first hole is dug.

Third Meeting: During this last step of the design process, I will present the final rendering and review the installation proposal with you.  Based on your budget, the proposal may be broken down into phases so that we can spread the work and subsequent cost out over several seasons/years.


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