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"Replacing our landscaping introduced me to the simple pleasure of spending summer mornings in my yard.  I love getting up early and enjoying the peace and solitude while I water my plants and shrubs.  It is such a beautiful way to start the day, and has made me appreciate summer that much more!"


-- Maureen Delaney, Oak Park

"Ave's innate sense of style, panache and elegance translates into extraordinary presentations in flower pots and the garden.  My exquisite pots and landscaping are the envy of my neighbors and friends."

--Lynn C. Conniff, Oak Park

"Our backyard was transformed by Ave's creativity.  I regret waiting 23 years to see the potential of our green space.  I appreciated her reuse of bricks, bushes and plants.  I would encourage early planning so the entire outdoor season can be enjoyed.  I cannot wait for spring and my backyard."

--Jill Baskin, River Forest

"Ave turned a really ugly backyard where we only walked through on the way in or out to a beautiful space that complements our home and begs for you to stop and sit and enjoy.  She and her crew are attentive and amazing.  She incorporated my plants into her design and had the whole (large) job complete so it would fill in for our daughter's graduation party.  We received tons of compliments - I do not hesitate to offer my recommendation."

--Laura Baig, Oak Park

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